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Puzzles are a popular activity for many families. 

Puzzles have had a major comeback in popularity during 2020! Customers love the challenge of putting together a puzzle and some will even make it a family activity. When you create your designs remember to keep your audience in mind. Puzzles are appealing to a wide variety of customers and demographics. 

Consider marketing for:

  • Families
  • Grandparents
  • Younger children

Production & Shipping Times

Production Time: 3-5 days

Delivery Time USA: 5-10 days for Continental U.S. and between 2-4 weeks for Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Delivery Time International: 4-6 weeks, although sometimes they may take quite a bit longer due to customs delay in your country.

Shipping Countries: For a complete list of countries, go here.

Shipping Costs:

Domestic Shipping

  • $6.99 for one item + $2.99 for each additional item

International Shipping

  • $7.99 for one item + $3.99 for each additional item

*There is an additional item fee of $2.20 for orders with multiple designs or product categories.

*Expedited shipping options available for domestic orders at an additional cost.


Example Titles & Descriptions

Title: (Adjective) Custom Designed (Name of Design) Puzzle


252 piece puzzle

10" x 14"

High-gloss, durable finish

Made in the USA

Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Product Description 

All puzzles are 10" x 14"

Available in both Vertical and Horizontal layouts

Sturdy chipboard backing with a high gloss printed front

Comes in a gift box with a clear top

Each puzzle includes a guide for assembling the puzzle

Made in the USA

Shipping Weight is 7 oz.


Vertical 10 x 14 Puzzle

Artwork Dimension in Inches Artwork Dimension in Pixels DPI Image Format

Finished size: 10.627"x 13.507"

With bleed: 11.50"x 14.65"

Finished size: 3188.1 x 4052.1

With bleed: 3450 x 4395

300 JPG

Horizonal 10 x 14 Puzzle

Artwork Dimension in Inches Artwork Dimensions in Pixels DPI Image Format

Finished Size: 13.507"x 10.627"

With bleed: 14.65"x 11.50"

Finished size: 4052.1 x 3188.1

With bleed: 4395 x 3450

300 JPG


The template contains a safety area, trim line, and bleed line that need to be reflected in the designer.

Anything outside the safety line should NOT contain essential graphics as parts may be cut off in printing.

Product Product Dimensions Safety Line Trim Line Bleed Line
10 x 14 Puzzle Box - vertical 10.63 x 13.5 10.32"x 13.18" (3097 x 3953) 10.63"x 13.51" (3189 x 4053) 11.5"x 14.65" (3450 x 4395)
10 x 14 Puzzle Box - horizontal 13.5 x 10.63 13.18"x 10.32" (3953 x 3097) 13.51"x 10.63" (4053 x 3189) 14.65"x 11.5" (4395 x 3450)


Download Design Template