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Nearly everyone on earth wears t-shirts! In fact, t-shirts are by far the most popular item sold by GearLaunch sellers, and the market continues to grow! According to Credence Research, the custom printed t-shirt marked is expected to surpass 10 billion dollars by 2025! Follow our guide and learn how to design and sell t-shirts in order to tap into this massive and growing market!


Every Style You Can Imagine!

GearLaunch offers one of the largest and highest quality selections of t-shirts around, so that you and your customers can pick the brand and style that they want.

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Target Audience for custom designed T-shirts

Find your niche! When designing and selling t-shirts, it is important for you to find your "niche." Creating a product that will appeal to everyone is impossible, so make sure to select a few specific groups to target. We suggest that you pick a broad target and then combine that with one or two more specific targets to form a niche. As an example, Chicago residents, women, and dog lovers can come together to form a shirt that says, "This Chicago Girl Loves her Dog." While this certainly doesn't sell to everyone, it *really* sells to that specific niche market!
Broad targets ideas:
  • Sports Fans
  • Comic Movie fans
  • Science lovers
  • College Students
  • Animal and pet lovers


How To Design The Perfect T-Shirt!


Be Bold 

Designs can often look great in its digital format, but then appear illegible or bland when displayed on a product. Thin text or small patterns and details can hurt your design's legibility once printed. For guaranteed visibility, make sure to use bold fonts and patterns.

Designs with a basic color palette can have tremendous impact on the success of your designs. Our research shows that 47% of the merchandise from our top 100 campaigns featured two colors or less.


Be Funny

People love to laugh! We use our t-shirts as a way of sharing with those around us. Funny and quirky shirts sell like crazy, just make sure to keep up with current trends and memes.

Don't be afraid to be edgy; people love dark humor!


Be Personal

People use their t-shirts to express themselves and to show off what they are passionate about. Whether it's a love of animals, a dedication to a favorite sports team, or pride in their hometown or home state, you can help them express it.