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Throw a pillow on it!

People are increasingly using throw pillows to add accent colors and aesthetic appeal to their home. A bright, bold, colorful pillow can be just the touch a room needs to make it feel modern and sophisticated. Pillows are also being used as a way for people to express themselves and show off their passions, sense of humor, and interests!


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Target Audience for Pillows

Pillows are a specialized item, unlike t-shirts, which are popular with some groups and demographics, and less popular with others. When designing, marketing and advertising, make sure you have a group in mind that would find use for a pillow. Right now, pillows are selling especially well with the following groups of people:
  • New homeowners
  • Younger couples and newlyweds
  • Female college students 
These broad demographics are a good place to start, but make sure to narrow down further and find a small niche to target as well.
  • Pets and Animals
  • Relationships
  • Science, nerdy stuff
  • Religion and spirituality
  • etc.


No pillow fights, just pillow happiness!

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Make them laugh!

Pillows make great gag-gifts for people, so make sure that you have a few in your store that are funny and edgy! However, be careful, a funny pillow is not like a funny shirt. You should make sure that the humor is cute, friendly and largely positive in its outlook. You want a grandmother who comes over to visit to not find the pillow offensive!



Inspire love

Say something that people will remember. Pillows are a fantastic place for inspirational quotes and welcoming messages. Remember, if the message could go on a canvas or a poster, it can probably go on a pillow as well!




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Create a personal touch.

People are using pillows as thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones. Make sure to provide a message that people will find personally touching. Create something personal for the mother, the sister, the father, the wife or the husband that people will want to share.