Creating a test order is often the first step merchants take after creating their store. There are a number of ways to go about creating a test order but we have found this to work the easiest!


The benefit of ordering with a discount code directing from your site allows you to go through the buy flow just like your customers will. This gives you a better understanding of the customer experience and a chance to review all your email notifications.

Step 1. Create a discount code: 
Within your Shopify dashboard open the "Discount" page and create a discount code for 100% off. This means you will not be collecting anything on the front end, but GearLaunch will still charge you for the basecost of the item once it goes to fulfillment. 

Step 2. Edit the shipping weight: 
Change the shipping weight of the product and variant you want to purchase to be 0.00 so that if you are using weight based shipping rules you will not be charged for shipping.

Step 3. Checkout: 
Add the item to your cart and checkout using your discount code.  

Step 4. Reset your shipping weights or any other changes you made for the test order. 

After your order is placed it be received automatically by GearLaunch and will move through the flow just like a regular order, sending you the same notifications your customers will see.