Hire a Designer  

Whether you're suffering from a case of designer's block or feeling overwhelmed with a particular piece of work, don't forget that you have access to designers from all over the world with as little as an internet connection and a project description.

There are many sites where freelancers can contribute to all parts of your creative process, from brainstorming to sketching to print-ready productions. Try starting at these popular sites: Upwork, Behance, and Fiverr.

To make your first freelancer project as productive as possible, follow these guidelines.

  1. Provide prospects with a sketch of what you want. This will help shorten the brainstorming process.
  2. Review the profile of freelancers whose style most resembles your desired design. Consult with designers who have extensive experience working in the style you're looking for.
  3. We recommend connecting and speaking with at least 2 designers about your design project.
  4. Establish whether you will pay hourly or flat-rate for the project. If freelancers request hourly pay, ask for an estimate of the time expected from for your project.
  5. If the design is complex, ask for a mid-point check-in to assess if the work is meeting your expectations.   

If you work particularly well with a certain freelancer, consider developing a partnership to create more designs on a regular basis. Freelance graphic designers are often willing to negotiate a lower rate if you can provide consistent work.

As you're getting your designs together, it's time to learn some copyright and trademark basics in the next chapter.


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