Build an Email Campaign

Every shopper loves a good deal, which makes email promotions an ideal means to lure your customers back in. Whether your emails get them to purchase or remind them of your brand, it’s a win for business.

And the best part? Sales generated from your promotional email campaigns don’t require ad spend, meaning bigger promotional and profit opportunities! Here's how to launch an email campaign and not miss out:

1.  Select your email header 

Choose a header that will keep customer's attention. This text will appear as preview text in most email providers. We have tested and optimized multiple headers to ensure your emails perform, select which works best for your audience. 

2. Add/Create your promo code

In the upper right corner, click the “Add Promo Code” button. You can add any existing promo code, or create a new code from the modal window.


Tip: A good promotion to start with is a 20% off deal.

3. Add campaigns that tell a cohesive story

Each email should feature products and designs that fit into a single theme.

4. Test which email subject line works for your audience

Subject lines are arguably the most critical component to your email. Unfortunately, there’s no one-subject-line-fits-all guide for this field. However, we have found that including your customer's name in the subject line increases open rates by up to 2x. 

If you would like to test additional subject lines, contact your account manager. 

5. Send targeted email campaigns

Just like email subject lines, what resonates with one audience may not work so well another. That’s where segmented email campaigns come in. They help to divide up your audience based on historical behavior or unique interests.

Segmentation will help you tailor each email with messaging and products that are thoughtful and relevant to your customers’ needs. In fact, segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14% higher than non-segmented campaigns.

To apply segmentation, use related tags or a past campaign to create your audience.

When you are choosing your tags or campaigns you will see the number of customers that are associated with that tag/campaign. 

*Note: Customers can only receive an email once per week so your "eligible email recipients" may be less than your total audience. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.52.40 PM.png

Tip: We suggest keeping your email campaign within the range of 5,000-10,000 recipients.

6. Send a test email

Avoid the embarrassment of sending out a less than perfect email by sending yourself a test email to review. 

You’ll notice the test email will have your email address in the body. This is only to replicate the actual look and feel of what your customers will see with their own name.

7. Track and optimize

Keep a careful eye on your campaign with special focus on the variables you added to this particular campaign. Let the success or failure of these variables influence your future campaigns. One variable we get most frequently asked about is send times.

Despite what different companies will tell you,  the best send times will depend on your audience. Factors like time zone, occupation, age range, etc. all affect when each audience member will open your email. We encourage you to do your research to understand your audience better.

Watch our video demo for more details on creating your campaign.



If you have additional questions view our FAQ here.

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